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What a fantastic last week of Summer it has been! The last few days have been rainy but still warm and I love that, it certainly made the Twlight Concert that we went to last night more fun! Now onto my weekly faves, don't worry if you've been sluggish around the web this week because I've got some pretty amazing stuff to share.

Who knew that throwing water balloons at bald guys could be so hilarious? You really should check out the rest of the series it's completely ridiculous.
source: behance.net

 Brown butter grilled beer cheese sandwich, yeah you mix beer with your cheese and grill it in brown butter. I wish I would have done this yesterday.

 Next we have nectarine caprese with honey balsamic reduction, this puts such a sweet and tangy twist on the classic caprese salad. I think I would grill the nectarine first so it's a little more juicy.

This super dog from the ukraine, he's also a pitbull which I will always love. The whole time I was watching this I was wondering "how in the hell do you train a dog to do that?!", if any of you know or want to practice I have an adorable dog to volunteer.
(and I LOVE his cute sunglasses!)
source: youtube.com

and finally, I went platinum. Big big change, but lots of fun (:
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