do fashion colors with Aveda

fashion colors can now be achieved with Aveda hair color. being a stylist that only uses Aveda color, this has made me SO happy! since Aveda is 96% naturally derived from plants and non petroleum minerals there is virtually no damage from using Aveda hair color.
Aveda color is different from other brands of color i've used in so many ways, it's extremely customizable, naturally derived, is more fade resistant than other brands (when it does fade it fades BEAUTIFULLY!), and you can only find it in Aveda salons. Aveda salons are set with a higher standard and have to meet goals to keep Aveda products and color on our shelves, this means when choosing an Aveda salon you cans be confident you're getting educated professionals to work on your hair, skin or nails.
back to the fashion colors, this line of color was released in January, and previous to that you could still get beautiful hair color from Aveda, but no bright colors like blue, green, purple, red, yellow or orange. now we're able to do all of that! coming from someone who loves dying their hair every color of the rainbow and who has used some other brands to accomplish this, i can tell that Aveda's fashion colors last longer, produce more shine and fade on tone.
teal for kirstie. 

red and blue for cindy.
orange and yellow for me.
fashion colors aren't just limited to these pictures, in face they're hardly limited at all! i've been playing around with all sorts of fun colors lately and i love it! visit an Aveda salon today to check out what the buzz is about!


Jennifer said...

I thought I liked the pink, but it's nothing to how I feel about the orange/yellow -- it looks awesome!

Jessie Reeves said...

Color formula for the teal?