fashion trend: super simple DIY lace shorts

i've basically been obsessed with the idea of lace shorts since the first time i saw them, however; i wasn't obsessed with the $50 dollar price tag or elastic waistband i kept seeing on all of them. then i got an idea to make my own! how hard could it be, right?

this is really a super simple DIY, all you need are the following
  • sewing machine, pins, thread, scissors etc..
  • pair of well fitting black (or any other color, just make sure the lace matches!) shorts
  • lace, this can be purchased at almost any craft store or reused from another garment
i had an old prom dress that had some perfect black lace on it, so i got my seam ripper out and painstakingly removed all the lace. depending on your size and how tight or loose the shorts are will determine how much lace you need to complete this project.

next i pinned the lace all the way around the shorts, i started at the very top of the waistband and then spaced each row of lace. the spacing varied from 1-2 inches, lace is pretty forgiving so you don't have to be exact with this. then stitch the lace on all the way around the shorts, making sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of every piece of lace to secure it. then you're done! 

like i said, super easy! even if you have very basic sewing skills this should be no problem for you! and at most if you had to buy the lace and shorts i'm guessing this would cost at most $20, but since i already had the lace and shorts (bought them at Ross for 5 bucks a year ago) this project was totally free! try this out for yourself and you'll have some trendy new shorts for a fraction of the price they normally are in stores!

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