my review on no heat curls using a headband!

super glamorous picture from the night before.

so i tried out the no heat curls that i talked about in this post. i absolutely loved them! so easy to do, not uncomfortable to sleep in, lasted all day and still looked pretty decent the next morning and did i mention they use no heat?! A+ choice in my book.
there are a few things to consider though, starting with how long/short your hair is, how well it holds curl, the thickness of your hair and what kind of headband and products you decide to use.
next day around 5o'clock!

as i've said before my hair goes about 4-5 inches below my collarbone, but i'd say almost any hair length below the chin could modify this tutorial to work for them. you will be left with a little pony tail of hair at the end. i just kept wrapping this piece though the spaces left between the headband and my hair but you can experiment with it, with super long and thick hair this ponytail might be a little harder to deal with though.

my hair has quiet a lot of natural curl in it already so things like this usually tend to work for me, if your hair is very fine with no natural curl then these curls may fall out quicker.. product can help out though, i used Aveda damage remedy daily hair repair, color conserve daily color protect and smooth infusion style prep smoother when my hair was damp to help smooth and protect my hair, and then a little light elements smoothing fluid and control force firm hold hairspray when it was dry to add shine and hold the curl.
the headband i used was very soft and more like cloth rather than elastic, i eventually moved it up over my bangs later in the night. i think you should always leave bangs out of things like this since the results can be so unpredictable.
 after taking the headband out i did curl 2 pieces right around my face and just a few pieces underneath, but overall much better than curling every single piece of hair like i normally do.
also these pictures were taken after a full day of work, so it's really surprising how great the curls still look!
the tutorial on thepapermama's blog is great, so i'd give it a look if you love beachy waves but not the extreme heat from flat irons!
thanks for reading, and let me know if you try this style out!


kesha said...

hi you there... first time i attempted on this style was about 3 months ago. i really was curious how it would work on my hair, and i was surprised with the curl. it turns so great in my hair. i have thicker and longer hair than yours, and you are right, the curl falls quickly on my hair. but no need to worry since i found that the small curls turn out to loose one after a long day. and this is definitely what i am looking for so long. this heatless curl is my savior ;)

victoria said...

i love it soo much too! it saves so much time, and is much less damaging than anything else you can do to your hair! thanks for commenting, i'm glad you love it as much as me!