Rules of Color Melting

Just incase you have no idea what color melting is, you should probably read this post first. It explains the differences between color melting, ombre and puddling and goes into detail what each one is. Done reading? Alright, now that you have a superior knowledge of color melting I'll lay down the rules of the melt.
First of all, if you want to try color melting, do it! I have so many clients who come in with apprehensions about trying a melt because they think it's not trendy or that it's too trendy or whatever. Guess what? Who cares, melts are beautiful and low maintenance which makes them the perfect option for so many people. I personally don't think color melts are going out of style any time soon, they're the new highlights.

Second, bring pictures! Color melting is such a unique technique and there are so many different variations of color melting that you'll definitely want to have a visual to show your stylist. It can be hard to find pictures of color melting in near by magazines at the salon so pull out your smart phone and download the Pinterest app so you can show your stylist an inspiration picture, this will help so much.

Third, know that usually color melts are a process and not "easy" to do. You really have to be artistic to paint a good melt and this sometimes involves layering color and toning out tons of unwanted shades. Know that a good stylist will take time to do a melt and it won't be cheap. However after your first initial melt it will get much easier to do.


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