All Sensitive Skin Collection & Tips for Sensitive Skin

Did you know Aveda has a very extensive skin care line? From dealing with acne to aging Aveda is there to help you with personalized skin care. The All Sensitive line is great for those just starting out with a skin care regimen or those who have tried every product with no success, the All Sensitive line is great because it works on any skin type without causing irritation or excessive oil. This line includes the All Sensitive Cleanser, All Sensitive Moisturizer and the All Sensitive Body Formula Oil. Everything in the line is aroma free and dermatologist tested to ensure it's safe for even the most sensitive sin types. Try out this awesome skin care line by finding an Aveda salon or Experience Center near you today!

If you have sensitive skin using a gentle product like the All Sensitive Line is perfect for you, however there are some other simple tips you can use to treat your overly sensitive skin;
-Keep skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and moisturizing every night and morning.
-Dampen your skin very lightly before applying moisturizer, this evens out the skins surface and reduces dry spots.
-Avoid spicy foods, highly caffeinated drinks or alcoholic drinks since all of these things can dry out your skin and body.
-Be aware of aromas and perfumes in products, and make sure to always get dermatologist tested products.
-Avoid over exfoliating, try exfoliating gently 1-2 times a week to remove dead skin cells without damaging the skin.


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