making hair color last

there are many reasons why hair color fades. the number one reason color fades is water specifically hot water that blasts open the cuticle of the hair and washes the color out, sun and harsh products play a role in fast fading color too. there are a few tips to prevent hair color from fading though! and you know i'm going to tell you.

1. use a professional shampoo and conditioner that is color-safe or extends the longevity of your freshly dyed locks. aveda has so many products that protect color or they even have semi permanent shampoos and conditioners to use between color services.

2. try shampooing your hair every other day (at the most!), over washing hair not only fades color faster but it strips all the natural oils that make your hair look shiny and very healthy. stripping natural oils from your hair dries out the scalp and can stimulate oil glands to over product, leaving your hair getting much greasier faster. if your hair is feeling a little too dirty between washes then skip the shampoo and only rinse and condition your hair, or try a dry shampoo (i always use baby powder!).

3. try using cool water when washing your hair. hot water opens up the cuticle allowing color to wash out faster, cool water seals down to cuticle to keep color longer.

4. try using an intensive conditioner 1-2 times a month, aveda has a fantastic one. the damage remedy intensive reconstructing treatment contains quinoa protein to strengthen the hair from the inside out. apply to damp hair and let sit anywhere from 5-45 minutes then rinse with cool water.

5. if you're going to be in the sun accessorize with a cute scarf or hat to protect your hair. a few spritz of avedas protective hair veil that creates a lightweight invisible shield of water resistant and UV protecters for up to 16 hours can also help out while in the sun.


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