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hello and welcome to the first week of august! seriously you guys it's august already and i want to know how summer has flown by so quickly?! before the summers over i definitely need to kick myself into high gear for tons of camping/fishing/dog park fun. now please, enjoy my favorite finds from around the web this week!

maybe i'm getting too excited for fall, but i don't care! these stuffed shells with butternut squash, spinach and ricotta look amazing!

the little otter pups face is adorable!

mars! did you know a trip for 4 people to go to mars is being planned right now?! it's only in the early stages, and humans won't be sent until around 2021. i love space.
source: dvice.com

floral combat boots, i tend to wear boots for all seasons and i think these would transition well throughout the year.

i'm just saying, if you haven't seen this video then you really really need to! i've lost count how many times i've watched it this week!


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morgan - sunni said...

I love Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson. That was an excellent segment. haha!!