Setting Your Hair Without Rollers, or How to Look Like a Victoria Secret Model pt. 2

     In one of my favorite posts on this blog Setting Your Hair With Rollers and How to Look Like a Victoria Secret Model, I went over how to set your hair using hot rollers and velcro rollers. This method is similar but only requires duck bill clips, no rollers at all. All you need is:

With freshly washed and damp hair add volumizing product of your choice, I used Aveda Pure Abundance Style PrepConfixor Liquid Gel and Phomollient Styling Foam. Next dry hair with fingers until it's about 80% dry, remember to keep your blow dryer pointing down your hair shaft and use a nozzle to avoid placing the heating coils directly on your hair. Once your hair is 80% dry section into 2-3 inch wide sections and start round brushing, after you've finished a section while the hair is still warm begin to wrap it around two fingers until it's formed into a barrel curl at the base of your scalp. This part may look intimidating, but the key is to work with warm hair and if it seems too difficult try using a smaller section. Place a duckbill clip inside of each curl and move onto the next section going up the head, remember not to move onto a section without setting the curls in the last one!  

The process of rolling and clipping a Barrel Curl to create those famous Victoria Secret Waves!

     Spray with a setting spray of your liking, I wanted a strong hold so I used Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Spray. Then let the curls cool for 5-10 minutes before removing the clips and gently combing through your hair with your fingers to loosen up the curl. Spray again and you're done!


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