Aveda Gift Set - Shimmer

      Aveda Gift Sets come with many different products to fit anyone on your list, they're all pre wrapped in beautiful handcrafted Lokta Bark paper from Nepal. Aveda has created a harmonious partnership with Nepali people to make this paper to cover our fantastic gift sets every holiday season. Over the next seven weeks I'm going to highlight a new gift set each week to get everyone set for their holiday shopping.

     The first and my personal favorite gift set this year is the gift of Shimmer. This set includes 2 limited edition mini Aveda Lip Glazes, in beautiful unique colors inspired by our partnership with the Nepali people and it's under 20 dollars! The first shade is Himalayan Snow, which is a clear glaze filled with multi-color micro glitter so your lips glisten and shine like new fallen snow. The second color is Nepali Berry which is a deep classic red filled with red micro glitter so lips shine all season long. These colors are great used separately or together, and as always contain organic vanilla, mint flavor and pomegranet which is a natural antioxidant to help fight free radicals.


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