beauty tip: how to clean and maintain your blowdryer

what's that burning smell? when was the last time you cleaned the air vent on your blowdryer? did you know that it's absolutely essential to keep your blowdryer in working order?

the filter in your blowdryer catches dust and debris to keep the motor from overheating, which extends the life of your blowdryer. the idea is similar to cleaning the lint trap in your dryer after every load of laundry.

lucky for you cleaning your blowdryer is super easy, it just gets overlooked by most. i clean my blowdryer in the salon once a week, but at home i'd say about once a month is enough. i use a paul mitchell express ion dry in the salon and at home, if you're looking for a new blowdryer i couldn't recommend this one enough! dries quickly, lightweight, quieter than other blow dryers and if you treat it right it'll last you a long time. (mines limited edition, so they no longer have the same wooden pattern! sad i know)
most blowdryers have a lockable vent on the back, turn the vent in the indicated way to unlock it and gently pull it off. some blowdryers have a spongey mesh filter in addition to the metal filter, so wash that with cool water until all product buildup is gone and then with a damp cloth wipe away at the metal filter protecting the motor. let your blowdryer dry completely before reassembling it, and you're done!

i realize some may have never cleaned their blowdryers before, and i'm hoping you notice a big difference when you do! remember to do this regularly to keep your motor from overheating (which can also be a fire hazard), because once it does you'll have to buy a whole new blowdryer!


Viviask said...

Thanks for the article! Ypur hair dryer looks so unique! I have a Karmin G3 Salon Pro Professional hair dryer and it's powerful and super healthy for my hair :)

victoria said...

you're welcome! & thank you, it will be a sad day when this hair dryer dies on me because i know i can't find another one! it's crazy what a big difference a professional blow dryer makes, now just keep the vents clean & you're good to go! thanks for reading and commenting! (: