favorite finds from around the web!

The Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook!! i love cookie dough, who doesn't love cookie dough? i've been seeing recipes on a few of my favorite blogs from this cookbook recently and they all look sooo good! i whipped up some cookie dough frosting from this book last night, and of course it was amazing.
(recipe & pictures from Iowa Girl Eats)

Etoile Chiffon Dress in Coral, i'm pretty sure i'd wear this in any color any day. i love the interesting neck line, and the lattice cap sleeve is so unique. maybe it will magically appear in my closet?!

DIY Maxi Skirt Tutorial, this tutorial doesn't look too difficult and the skirt is super cute. i love high waisted anything, and i've never seen a tutorial for high waisted maxi skirts so i'm excited to try this one! now i just need to find some cute fabrics!

take your daughter to work day, done right. this is a picture from Electric Daisy Carnival this year, where artist BT wanted to show his little girl what he does. thousands of people just at this one stage, and she loved it!

did you know theres a pink lake? well now you do! it's Lake Retba, Senegal, it's pink because of some harmless bacteria in the water and it has a higher salt content than the dead sea so everyone floats!

tell me some of your favorite finds!

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