Lauren Conrad Inspired Ballerina Bun

Ballerina inspired buns are very in style right now and I think a big part of that is because of Ms. Lauren Conrad, not only is she seen rocking a big fat bun every now and then but she's perfected the look as well. Which may look difficult to do, but really couldn't be more simple! This quick ballerina bun is the easiest, cutest, most complimented bun I've ever had in my hair. You can find me with a sock bun in at least twice a week, and it really couldn't be easier! Not only does this bun make you look like you have tons of hair, but it uses no pins and can stay in for days! Which I may know from personal experience.. Wear one for an every day look, for an evening look or even to the gym. Whatever you decide to do with a sock bun, I know you'll love it!

Start by creating the foundation of this bun, the sock. I picked a knee length sock (the color usually doesn't matter), snip the toe of your sock off and roll em' up into a little doughnut shape. This is your best friend, we'll hide this in the bun later.

Now place your hair into a smooth high pony tail, slide your sock around the pony tail and then push your hair evenly around the sock. The third step doesn't have to be precise, but try to distribute some hair to the front before you start rolling so you don't get any holes in your bun.

 Next, slide the sock to the end of your hair and start rolling loose ends into the bun. Keep rolling and stuffing loose ends into the bun until you run out of hair, your bun should feel secure at this point.
You did it, you have a rockin' huge ballerina bun! You can use shine serum or hairspray to tame any fly aways. 

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