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i hope everyone had a fun & safe 4th! i enjoyed 2 days in a row off since my regular day off is thursday, and it was so so wonderful! now onto my favorite internet finds this week!

pintester, finally someone to test all the crap on pintrest so you don't have to! seriously though this website is hilarious and addicting, just a warning she's a little harsh on the language though (;
source: pintester.com

this delicious sounding recipe for beergaritas, i'm a sucker for a fizzy, sour and not too sweet drink in the summertime!

this beautiful bike makeover, it really makes me want to get a pretty bike to use the rest of the summer! i love the brown tires too, although she said they were pretty hard to find..

a single serving deep dish chocolate cookie, so i may have already made one of these this week.. and it was pretty damn delicious! not the best cookie in the world, but it only took 5 minutes!

copycat recipes are always fun, and i love noodles & co so i think i'll love this lightened up copycat of their creamy spicy penne rosa!

dark chocolate fudge doughnut cakes, seriously do i need to say more? i'd turn my oven on in the middle of a hot day for these babies.

thanks for reading!

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