scalp detoxifying treatment & botanical hair therapy treatments

i feel the salon world always has a slight disadvantage to the spa world, don't get me wrong getting your hair done is fabulous but it's hard to compete with a full body massage, body treatment or facial. but things are changing in a great way! both the scalp detox & botanical treatment are like a facial for your hair, one giving a refreshing detox to the scalp to remove build up and the other repairing the hair from the inside out with quiona and buriti oil!

the scalp detoxifying treatment starts with a scalp massage using an essential oil blend. then the scalp detoxifying treatment is applied all over the scalp and massaged in to remove any clogged pores and eliminate product buildup using wintergreen-derived salicylic acid that gently exfoliates your scalp leaving a minty tingle. so who should get a scalp detox? anyone really, if you color your hair often, use product daily, workout, have thin hair, swim/stay in the sun a lot and the benefits are awesome for invati users.

on the other hand the botanical hair therapy treatment adds essential protiens and humectants back into the hair, this leaves your hair looking shiny and healthy. there are two different treatments, damage remedy and dry remedy, damage remedy uses quinoa protein and sugar beet-derived amino acid to repair hair up to 86% in the first use. dry remedy is an answered prayer for all my clients since the dry utah weather is so brutal on hair and skin, dry remedy treatment utilizes buriti and pomegranate oils and repairs 84% in the first use. these treatments are for anyone who feels like they have dry, brittle or damaged split hair.

on friday august 10th the salon i have the pleasure of working at, azalea say spa & salon is having a skinny hair detox using the scalp detoxifying treatment. it's only $25 dollars to attend which includes tons of relaxing scalp massage, the scalp detox treatment and a blow dry style. plus you're able to spend the $25 on product after the service! this is such a great deal and it's going to be so so fun! call the salon to book your appointment today!



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