smoothing body polish, for radiant skin.

with the seasons about to change, one thing that usually gets neglected is your skin. no i'm not talking about your face, because most people do update on their face routine as seasons change. i'm talking about your body, especially here in utah the change from summer to fall/winter is a drastic one leaving skin dry, flaky and begging for moisture. i'll give you some tips on how to transition your body care routine for the upcoming fall months so you're radiant and soft all winter long.

one of the best products to use this time of year is smoothing body polish. it gently polishes away dead surface cells and skin dulling debris to reveal smoother, softer skin beneath. using a blend of finely ground walnut shells, kelp, aloe, lavender and herbal extracts to help exfoliate and soften skin. use the smoothing body polish on moist skin or right after a shower, rinse off when done.

after exfoliating with smoothing body polish you want to make sure to moisturize the skin as well, my go to moisturizer is always the replenishing body moisturizer. this moisturizer restores suppleness to dry skin with a moisture binding blend of vitamins, natural humectants and oils-including meadow foam. the refreshingly aromatic blend with pure plant and flower essences can't be beat. the best time to use the replenishing body moisturizer is right after a shower when pores are open and begging for moisture.


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