spend less and still look great!

when it comes to spending less money and talking about hair people usually recommend getting hair cuts at cosmetology schools, going to a chain salon for the 10 buck special or coloring your hair at home. i am not going to suggest any of these things, because i want you to spend less and have great hair not mediocre or just plain bad hair. so here are a few tips on how to spend less without sacrificing your hair.

1. mini weave/highlight- this typically means 10-20 foils right around the hairline and throughout the crown. this won't cover as much as a full foil or partial foil, but if you only get a mini every other time then it's a great money saver. the difference between a partial and mini varies from salon to salon, but at my salon a partial starts at 75 and mini starts at 55.

2. conserve your color- please refer to this post! (:

3. trim less often- unless you have a very short or very structured hair cut then you really don't need trims every 4-6 weeks, try going a week longer than you have been to save some cash.

4. deep condition at home- instead of spending 10-20 dollars to get a deep condition at the salon ask your stylist if the same product is available to buy, ask tips on how often you should deep condition and how long you should leave the product on. this will easily save you money, however you will miss out on the scalp massage. (;

5. getting it done right the first time- i see so many people who were trying to save money by doing their hair at home come sit in my chair because they went too light/too dark, fixing a color like this is a lot more expensive and time consuming than it would be to have it done right the first time.

6. don't change your natural too much- adding highlights or lowlights that are only a few shades different from your natural color grow out much easier than a drastic change. color melting is also a great way to save on salon visits since it only needs to be touched up every six months or so.

7. free bang trims- most higher end salons offer free bang trims between appointments, so please don't take the scissors into your own hands! bang trims usually only take a few minutes and can quickly and cheaply freshen up your look.

8. tell them your budget- salon pricing can be confusing, don't be scared to ask about pricing and let your stylist know your budget for the day. this will let them know exactly how much you can get without going over or having any surprise add on prices.


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