melting, ombre, puddling.. what's the difference?!

i know i went over melting a little in this post, but i still seem to get quiet a few questions about it since it's a pretty popular trend right now and so different from the regular highlights and lowlights.
and for those clients who do their research they seem to have questions on the differences between the melting technique, ombre and puddling. they're all very similar, but i'll go over the differences in this post.
first of all, if you've never heard of any of these techniques i'll give a run down (:
the three things all these techniques have in common are darker roots and lighter ends of the hair, this can be as subtle or as drastic as you like and really leaves a lot of room to be creative!

1. melting: a technique that is used to blend or "melt" different colors together to create a smooth transition of color. there shouldn't be a visible horizontal line of color in the hair.

2. ombre: a deliberate graduation of colour from the roots (darkest) to ends (lightest). this technique may have a more visible lin
e from the darker to lighter color.

3. puddling: this technique has the same lighter ends and darker roots, however it uses and overlay of the dark color on top and reflective colors to blend the two hence the name "puddling".

come in today to get the latest trend, wether it be ombre, melting or puddling!
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Mikayla said...

I loved this, it really helped me decide what to do with my hair! Thank you!

victoria said...

awesome! you'll probably school your hairstylist with all these terms (;