feeling stressed, try stress fix!

are you stressed out? whenever i'm feeling some extra stress i turn to one of my new favorite Aveda product lines, stress fix! the stress fix line includes body lotion, soaking salts and a portable oil rollerball of the stress fix concentrate. the stress fix line all has the aroma of organically grown lavender, lavandin, and clary sage which are all clinically proven to relieve the feelings of stress.

the stress fix lotion is great to calm irritated and stressed skin down and also can be great for people who type (or do hair..) or other repetitive movements throughout the day. when using the stress fix lotion always apply to hands and then under your nose and take a few relaxing deep breaths, apply in circular motions to tense areas like the neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists.

stress fix soaking salts are the ultimate way to relax and can be used for soaking or as an exfoliant. to exfoliate use as a scrub before/while in the bath, but no worries because once water is applied soaking salts gently dissolve leaving no gritty feeling. to use only for soaking draw a warm bath and add 1 - 2 tablespoons of soaking salts to the water and soak in the tub, preferably with a lit candle and no distractions.

the stress fix rollerball concentrate is perfect to take anywhere incase a stressful situation arrises, there's a simple ritual that you can do almost anywhere. apply stress fix concentrate to the inside of your wrists, then hold over your nose and take deep breaths. you can also apply stress fix to the top point of your neck, and using a press and release motion along the top of the shoulders to relieve tension. if this worked for me during rush hour in Los Angeles, then it will work for you!


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