fashion trend: maxi or mini?

speaking in terms of skirts and dresses for this summer is all about extremes, the maxi or the mini. both are fantastic and can be dressed up or down all summer long. with different styles, colors, prints and fabrics it's easy for everyone to find something they like.

wearing a maxi skirt or dress is comfortable, easy, incredibly flattering and so versatile. a few rules to stand by while styling a maxi dress or skirt are; remember proportions, floor length flowy skirts tend to look better with a tighter fitting top thats tucked in or belted at the natural fitting waist. if the skirt is fitted closer to the body then a looser top or even a crop denim jacket will help balance things out.

once you've mastered styling the maxi skirt, go ahead try the polar opposite the mini skirt! now this doesn't mean i'm going to dig through my old clothes to find those too too short hollister and abercrombie mini's that i used to wear (why my mom let me out of the house in those, i'll never know!). to keep your look classy and not trashy remember to try pairing a mini skirt with something not so revealing on top. keeping your footwear to a minimum also works to downplay a mini skirt, flats work but if you need a bit of height try to stick to a chunky heel or wedge.

(image sources tumblr.com & lookbook.nu)



Jennifer said...

I like that I can be lazy with maxis, but I'll always be loyal to knee & midi length looks... it's the vintage lover in me.

victoria said...

same, maxi dresses are comfortable in the summer and you don't have to shave your legs! it's a win win! haha