Aveda makeup - what i love and why i love it

did you know that Aveda has their own line of makeup? so many clients and friends that i talk with have NO idea about this fantastic makeup line! Aveda's makeup line was originally introduced as skincare with tint, but the name didn't stick but the ingredients did! all Aveda makeup is formulated without parabens, talc or mineral oil, which are known to have negative side effects when used in cosmetics.

Aveda makeup covers everything from eyes, lips, cheeks, face and they even have amazing brushes and compacts. like any other line of products there are always things you love, and some things you could leave and not be heart broken about. i'll let you know a few of my favorites from each category and tips on how to use them!

1. nourish-mint lip definer: used as a lip primer to smooth and define lips and helps lip color from fading, features spearmint and sweet vanilla aroma.
2. nourish-mind rehydrating lip glaze in beach thistle & coral sea: rehydrates lips up to 25%, smoothes fine lines in lips, uses pomegranate as an anti oxidant and gives amazing shine with a hint of color.
3. lip saver spf 15: water proof formula uses sun screen and anti-oxidants to protect all day from UV rays, refreshes with cinnamon leaf, clove and anise oils.
4. nourish-mint smoothing lip color in poppy & star coral: provides a bright pop of color that outlasts many other lip colors, increases moisture by 26% and uses spearmint and vanilla flavor

1. petal essence eye definer in black orchid: uses aromatic flower waxes to create a creamy and blend able pencil, color stays true and smudge free and ophthalmologist tested to reduce irritation.
2. petal essence single eye color in illumination: true to color that blends and builds effortlessly. illumination is great to use on the brow bone or inner corner of the eye.
3. petal essence eye color trio in sea grass: the complementary colors in one eyeshadow pan make it easy to wear all three or just pick one, the sea grass trio includes warm matte sand colors to deep sea green.
4. color options eye shadow transformer: just a drop or two transforms shadow into cream, liquid liner or can be used as a primer all over the lid to intensify color and staying power.

1. inner light mineral tinted moisturizer spf 15: lightweight formula that blends skin tone evenly, formulated with mineral derived sunscreen.
2. petal essences face accents in shimmer shell: blend and build with a trio of long wearing colors, shimmer shell can be dusted lightly all over the face or used as a blushing bronzer.
3. inner light concealer: creamy consistency that sets up quickly to stay crease and smudge resistant, helps camouflage dark circles, age spots or blemishes.
4. uruku bronzer in brazilian sun with kabuki brush: uses annatto, a powdered pigment from the uruku shrub and vitamin E as an anti oxidant to provide an amazing long lasting all natural glow for skin.

there is so much that i didn't mention in this post that i still love! there are a few things i'm a snob about, like mascara, pink lipstick and some more intense eye shadow pigments that aveda doesn't quiet cover for me.. but everyone is different, so get to your nearest Aveda salon or experience center and play around with their extensive makeup stations! there's a ton to use and a ton to learn about Aveda's amazing makeup line. today i did a makeup look and posted it on instagram using some of my fave Aveda products in this post, you should do the same and tag me in the post! @viccyslade
lip definer & coral star lip color on lips
sea grass trio on lids + shadow transformer for liner
uruku brazilian sun bronzer on cheeks
inner light tinted moisturizer & concealer in 01 on face
mac swiss chocolate shadow on brows
buxom lash mascara on lashes


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