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it's friday, again! i'm so excited for the fun skinny hair detox event we're doing at my salon today, it should make the day go by really fast. i hope everyone has had an amazing week, and i hope that the weekend is amazing too. this weekend i'll be studying my butt off and praying to the makeup gods that my audition goes well on monday.. or right i never mentioned an audition before this very second and some people may be confused. monday morning i'm going to Los Angeles for a freelance makeup artist audition with aveda, i'll do a 45 minute interview doing makeup on my model and then a 15 minute interview with the judges, if i make it i'll be asked to attend a class afterwards. i'm so excited, plus i get to see my mom for a little while too! put some good vibes into the universe for me, please and thanks! onto my favorite finds from around the web this week (:

i think this recipe for peaches & cream cupcakes sound amazing. using fresh whipped cream instead of frosting and fresh peaches makes a super light dessert for summer.

urban decay (one of my favorite makeup brands) is having a huge sale on some of their vintage shadows, pallets, mascara and so much more! if you need any advice on what to buy, don't hesitate to ask since i pretty much bought it all...

i've had chocolate on the brain for a while now, my boyfriend will attest to this since last night we I got a hot fudge shake from sonic at 10:30 pm.. but these fudgy brownies have avocado in them, avocado is a superfood and so are these brownies.

how to clean micorfiber, this is such an awesome trick. our couch has teeny tiny little spots all over it because my dog nigel doesn't know how to keep his tongue in his mouth..

a quick and pretty simple guide for cutting little boys hair, i have a lot of clients who ask me tips on cutting their boys hair. i don't us clippers for any of my cuts, so really the concept is a little foreign to me but like i said it's easy to follow.. and if you do mess up at least they're your kids!


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