today i cut Ellie's hair, Ellie is six and a half, her favorite color is black and white and she had a baby sister a brother that she was always nice to.
Ellie looked something like this;
tangled happened to be her favorite movie too!
now i don't have a real picture of Ellie, but she was so so spunky and cute. she could spell all her family members names, even her dog Meesha. 
she also likes to make pretend "moostaches" (her word, not mine) with her hair.. like this.
honestly the cutest little girl ever, and she even let me braid her hair in the front so we we're twins.
call and make an appointment today!
Victoria Ratliff
Azalea Day Spa & Salon
741 W. 100 N., American Fork, UT
by Rodizio Grill and the Cinemark Theaters.

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