finds from around the web

loving the work of miss crosstitch, she does street embroidery and i'd love to see something like this in person!

pretty sure i need to have a breakfast grilled cheese every morning, and then never ever fit into the one pair of jeans i own again. seriously though, this would be amazing with a cream cheese/mascarpone mix
source: bluewillow

some american flag print platform booties from gojane. even though i would probably only wear these once a year (4th of july), i love them so so much.
source: gojane.com

cheesy zucchini rice, another fantastic way to use zucchini for the perfect summer side dish!

have an awesome friday!


Moxie Notion said...

I love your find posts!!! I'm going to try the blueberry sandwich. I might go straight mascarpone!

victoria said...

thanks so much!! i think only mascarpone would be delicious, a little lighter than cream cheese! (: