fashion trend: color blocking

color blocking may not be for the timid fashionista, color blocking takes opposites on the color wheel to create the widest contrast possible.
you probably already own several pieces that you can mix & match to color block or easily transition into basics if you aren't feeling the trend later on. a few simple rules for color blocking are, make sure to choose flattering and classic shapes like tailored shorts, pencil skirts and silk blouses. don't forget about accessories, a pop of color with a belt or purse can add a lot to an outfit but on the opposite spectrum if you're feeling like you look like a preschool mat instead of a fashionista try toning an outfit down with nude accessories. if all of this is still too overwhelming then you can try pre color blocked pieces, color blocked shirts would look great with bright shorts and a bright belt would go well with a color blocked dress.

source: lookbook.nu


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