how to create volume for fine & thin hair

yesterday i showed you the perfect product to use to create volume, and now i'll tell you some of my tips, tricks and favorite products that give amazing volume!

first of all lets talk about hair and the difference between fine and thin hair. fine hair is referring to a single strand of hair, it can be fine, medium or coarse. thin or thick hair is referring to the density or how many hairs you have on your head. you can have any combination of these two categories, but most of these tips are geared towards people with fine & thin hair or just thin hair.

short is usually better, not saying you need to try a pixie if you have thin hair but i'd say not much longer than the shoulders would be a good length. when cutting thin hair a lot of stylists don't feel the need to add layers because it will make the hair appear thinner, however i usually always add some light layering in thin hair to help create volume. so shorter hair and layers is a good place to start.

using product that is designed for fine or thin hair will make such a difference, all products designed for thin hair need to be lightweight while still providing volume and hold. here's a list of some of my favorites.

pure abundance volumizing shampoo- this shampoo lifts fine hair to make it appear fuller and feel thicker, it uses certified organic acacia gum to thicken hair and the aroma contains jasmine, certified organic peppermint, palmarosa and ylang ylang.
pure abundance clay conditioner- uses breakthrough blend of kaolin clay and certified organic acacia gum to lift up and fill out hair and the aroma also contains jasmine, certified organic peppermint, palmarosa and ylang ylang.
pure abundance style prep- thickens strands with a botanical blend of passion fruit, rice bran, açaí oil, organic aloe and acacia gum. boosts volume with a natural corn-derived polymer helping give fine, limp strands the hold they need for body that lasts all day. weightless conditioners detangle to help prevent breakage from combing. helps refresh volume on non-shampoo days without adding weight.
pure abundance hair potion- innovative formula transforms in your hands from a powder to a light, absorbent lotion then makes magic in your hair, increasing its diameter and creating an abundance of texture and volume. instantly thickens hair by 17% relies on natural bulking agents acacia gum and kaolin clay creates matte texture great for creating a gritty, "second-day hair" look.
pure abundance volumizing hair spray- extra-firm hold, style-expanding micro-mist. formula infused with certified organic acacia gum a natural bulking agent so hair looks fuller and feels thicker. dries quickly for a hard finish and stays resistant to humidly.
phomollient styling foam- formula which includes certified organic honey, burdock and marshmallow root creates weightless volume on fine and medium hair. adds shine without build-up or weight. uses air-infused technology to create volume.
volumizing tonic- creates maximum volume on fine and medium hair. With certified organic aloe and wheat amino acids to help build body and add shine.

blow drying volume into the hair is a very important step as well. once you apply your pre-blowdrying products, you’ll need to dry your hair. for the smoothest results, use a round brush and dry sections that are a couple inches wide, starting in the nape of your neck and working your way up to the crown. if a round brush seems like too much trouble, you can just hold sections of your hair straight up as you blow dry the roots, or turn your head upside down while blow drying. the point is to dry your roots in the opposite direction that your hair will be laying, for extra lift. and if you aren’t much for blow drying, you can also try setting your hair (especially the crown) in big rollers and letting it air dry.

and the final step, backcombing. if you still need extra lift in your crown area, hold a section of hair straight up, and using a backcombing brush (or other brush with bristles that are very close together), brush the hair starting about 2 inches away from your scalp, firmly down toward your scalp. repeat a few times to create a little poof, and then spray with hairspray underneath to lock it in place. Smooth out the top with your backcombing brush, and spray again.


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