salon etiquette for clients made easy!

i think one great disconnect in any service field is that the customer (or client) doesn't know exactly what's expected of them, i mean of course everyone knows how the routine goes at a restaurant, but common salon etiquette for clients is often overlooked. i'm going to go over a few points that i've talked about with some clients, and i'll most likely be doing another post in the future on any things that i've missed or get brought up after this post! (:

these points vary wildly from salon to salon, so the best thing to do is ask the receptionist at the salon you're going to visit! also, these tips and points are meant to make the best experience for you and the staff of the salon your visiting so don't take anything i say to harshly!

♥show up to your appointment. if you know that you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, try to do it 24 hours before hand! everyone knows that situations arise that no one has control over ever now again, but of you're constantly canceling appointments at the last minute you may be charged a fee or not able to make appointments in advance at that salon anymore. not only is the stylist not getting paid for that, but they may not be able to fill your spot on such short notice either.

♥don't be late. most stylists are on very tight schedules and have another appointment coming in right after you, if you're running late call the salon and let them know as soon as possible. in my personal experience five minutes late is acceptable and doesn't throw off my schedule, but 10 minutes or more and you may not receive the full service that you were originally booked for.

♥bringing your children with you. this varies from salon to salon as well, but generally if your child isn't getting a service then don't bring them. most people at the salon are trying to relax and kids running around unattended isn't exactly relaxing, especially for salons with adjoining day spas were massages and facials are going on. honestly a salon isn't fun for kids anyway, so just do yourself a favor and leave them at home. salons are for pampering and relaxing not daycare.

♥tipping. yes this is a service industry and tipping is the norm, but it is a gratuity so if you we're unhappy with your service then tip less or don't tip. whenever people in my chair awkwardly ask me how much they should tip me i usually say leaving the same amount that you would at a restaurant is standard (15%-20%).

that should cover it for today, but i'd love to hear any other questions people have about salon etiquette for part 2 of this post!

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