10 foils + all over color.

I absolutely love Katie, we've been friends for a long time. She was even my very first floor model in hair school!

Amazing right?
Anyways, she's been coming to me since I was in school and now she comes to me in the salon I work at! (so loyal)
Katie has the most gorgeous long, thick, shiny and soft hair. (even though it gets very tangled after we wash it!)
Today Katie wanted to keep her length (of course, it's gorgeous) and go a little darker all over, with a few highlights on top.

roots needed to be done and the color was a little faded.

warmed up her color and freshened up the layers

Katie loved the look, and so did I! I think we'll work on going darker all over, but it'll be a slower transition for this gorgeous blonde.

Call today to freshen up your look like katie did!

Victoria Ratliff

Azalea Day Spa & Salon
741 W. 100 N., American Fork, UT
by Rodizio Grill and the Cinemark Theaters.

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