beauty tip of the day: getting the most out of your shampoo & conditioner

it's no secret that professional product is a little more pricey than the stuff you can get at the grocery store or target, however; there is a major difference between the two! professional product leaves your hair in much better condition than the "other stuff" and you have to use much much less of it! i've got a few secrets about washing and conditioning hair that everyone may or may not know.

first, you're using way way too much shampoo, plain and simple! i know i'm not in the shower with you watching, but i know you are. how much shampoo you actually use is based on the length and thickness of your hair, but for my hair which is about 4 inches past my collarbones and medium thickness i use a little bit over the size of a quarter. how do i do this? most professional shampoos, specifically Aveda, are super concentrated and formulated with much less water than grocery store brands. this means you need to add the water yourself, so after applying your shampoo quickly dip your head back into the water and you'll get an awesome lather. when shampooing your hair really focus on scrubbing the roots and scalp first then move down to the mid shaft and ends. i always always give myself an awesome head massage in the shower it's relaxing and gets blood circulating in your scalp which promotes hair growth and a healthy scalp.

second, conditioner should not be applied directly to your roots. you should start with squeezing out the excess water in your hair, then apply conditioner to the ends of the hair and work your way up to the mid shaft, and finally with what little bit is left on your hands massage into the roots and scalp. this will give maximum moisture to the dry split ends of the hair and also by not applying directly to the roots you're hair won't get greasy as quickly! as always start with a small amount of conditioner and if you need more add from there. a small amount of conditioner spreads a long way.

third, try shampooing less often. this trick doesn't work for everyone, but it doesn't hurt to try. instead of shampooing every single time, try only using conditioner every other time you wash your hair. just give the roots a good scrub using only water and then condition the ends like normal. like i said this may not work for everyone, but i love switching to a routine similar to this in the summer.

buying quality hair product is an investment especially when getting your hair colored. hair color and shampoo are specifically formulated to work with each other, so no matter what brand of hair color you're using i would always recommend using the corresponding shampoo and conditioner to go with. by using these tips and tricks not only will your shampoo and conditioner last long, they will yield better results as well.

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