finds from around the web!

How exactly are we coming up on the last week of August? Summer has flown by, but it's also been so fun and such a memorable one.  hope the last week of summer is amazing for all of you. Now, my favorite finds from around the internetting for your enjoyment.

A long exposure photo of moths in a porch light, I think this is so incredible. I have a thing for moths though, they're so cute and furry.
(source: imgur.com)

Ale cheddar soup sounds delicious. I love beer, I love cheddar and I even spy a jalapeno there and I love jalapeno's too.

These extremely ridiculous shoes that look like they need a haircut.

My boyfriend and I are mildly obsessed with BLT's, such great simplistic flavors. However, this twist on a classic BLT using savory french toast has me drooling.

Free printable canister labels. I have some canisters that these would look awesome on!

Happy weekend!

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Jennifer said...

That moth photo is awesome! I think moth's are awesome... it might just you and I that think that way though ha