salon etiquette part 2!

Time for salon etiquette part two! If you missed part one then you should probably read that before this!(:

The reason I'm posting this is not to be mean or call anyone out, but it's to help clients understand how their stylist feels and what to expect from each other during a service. Following these tips will make your next visit to the salon more enjoyable, I swear!

♥Don't haggle. We have set prices for a reason. Fist off you get what you pay for wether it's a $7 dollar box of dye from Target or if you're paying a professional to do your hair. Stylist that charge more generally do so because they've had more education, more experience or because they're in higher demand. Stylists have to invest a lot of time and money into their constantly changing careers from getting new shears, going to classes or buying new tools (none of which are cheap). So in short, don't try to get a discount, you wouldn't try to get a discount at the dentist office or a restaurant so don't do it at the salon.

♥Don't try to squeeze your way in. I'm not talking about calling to see if there's a same day appointment available, I'm talking about asking your stylist to come early, stay late, come in on a day off or trying to get your haircut while someone else is processing. Some stylist are completely fine with doing this some days, but if the answer is no then don't push it and start to prebook your appointments in advance so you don't get left out again.

♥Bringing other people to the salon. This can vary from salon to salon, but generally I would say it's alright to bring one person with you to your appointment. It can still get pretty crowded, so they'll probably have to stay in the waiting area. If a friend is getting a service as well then it's always okay to bring them. (:

♥Don't be too early to your appointment. I know that in my last post I told you not to be too late and now I'm telling you not to be too early, but being too early can put a stylist and the client in their chair in a stressful situation. No one likes to make people wait on them and being too early can make a stylist feel rushed. Even if your stylist isn't working on anyone, they could be taking lunch or in a meeting. I personally think 5-10 minutes early is fine but 20-30 minutes is a little excessive.

If anyone has any other questions or thinks I didn't cover something let me know because I'd love to help out!


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