Glitter Ombre Nail Tutorial

I did these ombre glitter nails last week for my birthday, they were easy to do but looked really fancy!

The products I used are:
-Multi Colored Fine Glitter
1. Start with a top coat, I used Seche Base Ridge Filler as I have a lot of ridges in my nails.
2. Paint your base coat. Most polishes need 2 coats, but this awesome one from Ulta only needs one. If you do two coats paint the first one and let dry completely before painting the second, if not paint each nail one at a time like I did.
3. Sprinkle your glitter carefully and slowly onto nails while they're still tacky (let them dry for 30 seconds or so), add more glitter until you get your desired look. Do each nail one at a time until you're done.
4. Let nail polish dry completely before brushing off excess glitter and applying a top coat. I totally thought the glitter would get into my bottle of top coat and ruin it, but it didn't!


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The Happy Howes said...

yes! I will be doing this.